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With over 25 years in government and political experience, Louis Betz & Associates has been at the forefront of many major policy changes both in Tallahassee and throughout the state of Florida.

Louis Betz & Associates helped lead the charge to pass the Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act, which allows cities and counties to implement and utilize red light camera safety programs. In 2011, working with the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay and various other organizations, Louis Betz & Associates worked hard to help pass the landmark sexual assault legislation, Walk in Their Shoes Act. This act provides additional assistance to victims, allows for greater admissions of evidence for prior crimes committed by defendants, and requires emergency rooms to arrange for gathering of forensic medical evidence for victims for potential report of sexual violence.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with the following organizations and others like them:

  • American Traffic Solutions
  • AshBritt
  • BMG Money
  • City of Temple Terrace
  • Covanta Energy
  • Crisis Center Of Tampa Bay
  • Energy Systems Group
  • Italian Club
  • Tampa Taxi Coalition
  • Waste Management
  • Ygrene